Welcome to Texas Global Consulting, a prominent retail sales and brand marketing company based in San Antonio, TX.

We are Texas Global Consulting

Texas Global Consulting is an outsourced sales, marketing, and consulting firm. We are a privately-owned business based in San Antonio, TX, that represents the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Our clients hire us to handle their promotional retail sales campaigns, and our primary responsibilities are to increase our client’s market share and acquire new customers on a daily basis.

2021 Winner of the National

What We Offer

Retail Marketing

Texas Global Consulting operates on a retail-based campaign in that we market our clients' products and services in approved retail locations in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Direct Sales

Our professionally trained sales consultants meet with qualified customers face-to-face to explain the benefits of choosing our clients over their competitors.


In using personalized and relationship-based consulting methods, Texas Global Consulting is able to understand our customers on a deeper level and relay this information to our clients.

Brand Awareness

If your company is looking to get its name out into the world, Texas Global Consulting is ready and willing to do so; it's our forte! We treat your brand as if it were our own.

Customer Acquisition

On a daily basis, we acquire new customers for our clients. We ensure that these customers will be long-lasting, profitable, and most importantly, satisfied.

Global Expansion

As our name suggests, we are preparing for international expansion! Texas Global Consulting is given the opportunity to branch out into new markets every year.

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